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ReelRaw Customer Spotlight:

I’ve always felt that raw feeders, as a group, are an extraordinary group of pet parents. Their love and devotion to their pets are parallel to none.

While most people consider themselves to be dog lovers (and truthfully are) they make little effort to understand their canine counterparts or their basic “primal” needs. Raw feeders on the other hand, understand pet ownership. It’s much more than simply living with a furry creature that brings you joy.

Pet owners have a responsibility to provide their dogs with the best care they can afford. This means taking care to ensure their dogs are the healthiest version of themselves and understanding them for the animals (or species) they are. Too many people push human ideologies and characteristics on their dogs and wonder why their health declines or why they have behavioral issues.

My goal is to change that. I created with the vision of advocating a primal approach for raising dogs in the modern world – an approach where nature is the guide.

One of the goals of Primal Pooch is to educate the average dog owner on why they should be feeding a raw diet and more importantly, give instruction on how to do so. You’ll find comprehensive raw feeding information, articles, and insightful blog posts in the section on a raw diet for dogs.

Although, commercial pet food is a major culprit for all the chronically sick pets today, it’s not the only factor. Primal Pooch brings pet parents a holistic perspective on health and aspires to end pet obesity and sedentary lifestyles among pets. It’s an outlet for information and education in the ways dog owners can get active with their dogs from fun activities to recognized dog sports and competition.

There’s going to be great things to come from Primal Pooch in the near future including eBooks, videos, and the option for other contributors to the blog. My vision is for Primal Pooch to be a community and network of people who take great care in leading healthy lives with their pets. It’s a community of dog lovers, health conscious, physically active, and other like-minded individuals who support a holistic, natural, and primal approach for raising dogs in the modern world.

If you wish to learn more, I invite you to take a look around Primal Pooch and connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I hope you’ll share your opinions and views on living healthy with your dog!

March 15, 2014 by Alissa Zalneraitis
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