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FEED FAT! A Guide to Raw Feeding and Fat


Feed meals of good quality raw fat-this will get that coat to shine and that energy up. Feed to bowel tolerance, but I cannot stress enough-do NOT trim the fat. If you do, save it. Good quality animal fat is the key to having a balanced diet. As humans, we are inclined to think "trim the fat", but in the long run you will be hurting your dog or cat. Remember the only 2 building blocks a dog has are protein and fat-connective tissue, skin, etc. Think of fat like vegetables (to humans).

Personal experience-Ikura, raw fed since 12 weeks, will often fast herself and high energy days we will lay out turkey necks, beef liver, beef patty mix, and beef fat (from the heart). She will sniff everything and go right for the beef heart fat. She will gorge eat this-no side effects, no gas, no runny stools. She knows what her body needs.

We just rescued Shadow, underweight for a Dane-always hungry-109 lb male. We have slowly been feeding him more each day. Let me stress, he is underweight. He ate turkey necks the first night we had him. The next night, beef mix. His gas was off the hook the first night. Gas mask style. Danes have big big gas. So we got it right.

First night 3 lbs of food. We have slowly been increasing. Feeding him almost like a puppy to build him back up. His edge has been taken off. He has a full belly for once. And, oh yeah, he craved/needed/ate, the fat. No side effects, just a happy lively dog. Now, too much bone brought on the gas, but the fat really helped balance him out.

It is such a beautiful thing to actually make that switch and realize your dog is a carnivore in every sense of the word.


May 23, 2014 by Alissa Zalneraitis
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